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Girl Logic (The Genius And The Absurdity)

From breakout stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger comes a subversively funny collection of essays and observations on a confident woman\047s approach to friendship, singlehood, and relationships. "Girl Logic" is Iliza\047s term for the way women obsess over details and situations that men don\047t necessarily even notice. She describes is as a characteristically female way of thinking that appears to be contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complicated and highly evolved way of looking at the world. When confronted with critical decisions about dating, sex, work, even getting dressed in the morning, Iliza argues that women will by nature consider every repercussion of every option before making a move toward what they really want. And that kind of holistic thinking can actually give women an advantage in what is still a male world. In Iliza\047s own words: "Understanding Girl Logic is a way of embracing both our aspirations and our contradictions. GL is the desire to be strong and vulnerable. It\047s wanting to be curvy, but rail thin at the same time. It\047s striving to kick ass in a man\047s world while still being loved by the women around you.

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Girl Logic (The Genius And The Absurdity)

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