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  • ISBN 9781447249139

Angelica'S Smile

After sitting in the car on the hill for about ten minutes, Montalbano realized this was a big mistake. Because he didn\047t think at all about the investigation, the burglars, or Mr. Z. He thought about Angelica ...What had he done? When members of Vigata\047s elite are targeted in a series of perfectly executed burglaries, Inspector Montalbano reluctantly takes the case. It soon becomes clear however that more links these privileged few than simply their lost possessions ...It isn\047t long too before Montalbano finds himself taken with one of the victims, the captivatingly beautiful young Angelica. But as the detective\047s attraction grows - until he can think of little else - a series of strange, anonymous letters claiming responsibility for the thefts begin to arrive ...With the allure of Angelica beginning to consume him and his relationship with Livia under threat, Montalbano must focus his mind to solve this perplexing investigation before events spiral out of all control.

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Angelica'S Smile

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